5 Best Mental Health Therapy Resources That You Need to Know!

5 Best Mental Health Therapy Resources That You Need to Know!

Today, mental health is an indisputably important matter. Most people do not have access to resources that can help them. There are many resources available for anyone who seeks information about or helps with a range of mental health issues.

Most of the common resources you must know are diagnostic tools, government organizations, research portals, blogs, non-profit organizations and phone hotlines devoted to address issues that range from a general mental illness to disorders like anxiety, depression, autism, eating disorders and abuse for diverse populations including minorities, LGBTQ youth, women and veterans.

Here are the best mental health therapy resources; you can reach out to:

1.    Talkspace 

Talkspace offers the best therapist for individual sessions. They are providing services through desktop and mobile devices. The therapists are specialized in different mental health issues like depression, stress, and all. So they can be a helpful resource to help you get in a better space. They offer three levels of services or plans:

  • Unlimited Messaging Therapy Plus
  • Unlimited Messaging Therapy Plus Premium
  • LiveTalk Therapy Unlimited

An additional live therapy session is available for any plan you select if the therapist is agreeing.

2.    ADAA Online Support Group

The Anxiety and Depression Association of America is offering peer to peer support. There are more than 20,000 subscribers from different parts of the world. This support group offers a safe, friendly, and supportive place for all the subscribers to share information and their experiences.

A message board is provided where subscribers can respond and start new things in support or for the announcement. These subscribers are individuals who are suffering from anxiety, depression, or a loved one like their parent or sibling. Also, you can participate and give an opinion on encouragement anonymously. But note that you are not allowed to access licensed mental health professionals. You can speak to peers and volunteer administrators will monitor the messages of boards.

3.    MDLive

The services offered by MDLive is not restricted to only depression treatment. Depression is often treated with therapy and medication; therefore, MDLive offers both therapists and psychiatrists. You can meet a counselor through video, mobile app or phone. Along with therapy, you can also access psychiatric services. If you are under medication of anti-depression, then you will be monitored by a psychiatrist for a while.

4.    Self-Paced Program – This Way Up!

They are self-paced online courses created by the Anxiety and Depression Clinical Research Unit. It is founded by the Department of Health, Australia. All programs like depression courses are done based on cognitive behavioral therapy principles. This is designed for three months only, and every new lesion is unlocked every five days. This five-day lockout time is designed for encouraging students to review and practice each material at a time.

5.    Therapist Interaction: Online Therapy

Online Therapy offers only online courses for reducing depression. You get feedback from the therapist individually, and you get an option to chat with therapists. Moreover, this site also offers courses for anger, addiction, anxiety, social anxiety, insomnia, stress, weight problems and more related to depression.

The materials of depression courses are offered through text, video, or audio. There will be eight sections rooted in cognitive behavioral therapy. It is an evidence-based treatment for depression. In every section different skills are taught to take up the challenge against negative thinking patterns and replace them with a better way of thinking.

BetterHelp is another great tool. Their therapists help you to achieve your best potential in lots of ways. In addition, these resources are here to help you to reach your maximum potential to help different clients suffering from mental health issues.

The therapists help you to achieve their best potential in lots of ways throughout a lifetime. These resources are here to help you to reach with maximum potential to help different clients suffering from mental health issues.

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