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Linda Butts pawsometalk.com

Linda Butts pawsometalk.com

Howdy world!

Have you ever felt that you are nearly dead with tons of things you don’t need while swimming in the Google pool and expecting to find something fun and useful for your paw friends? A bunch of hopeless question may once come to you, like, “Where can I find a cute coat for my dear puppy” or “Is that thing suitable for my kitten,” “Do I need that collar for my hamster,” etc.

I know, I know, I definitely know which situation you may have. Because I am a crazy animal lover just like you. All things we want to do are only giving to our cute little friends their best lives ever in the world.

You may be curious to my story of living along with a pet family. I have to deal with their interests, their habits, and characters. At first, it’s extremely hard, but I am happy to research for them. I am satisfied with watching my puppy grow up days by days. Do you know the feeling of blooming heart when you just back home from the terrible cloudy day and three little paw friends try to make you feel happy and warm with their fur? A true friend leaves paw prints in your heart, and your world is beautiful because you meet them in your life.

With my pawsometalk.com I hope to share the ideas and techniques from my personal experiences of what I have done with my pet research and what I love about pets and their lives. My expectation is to help you feel ease if you start to make a friendship with your pet while you enjoy your journey.

Don’t be shy to ask me when you need to help or out of the idea. Let’s ask and share what you’ve got. Together we build a joyful pet life!