No More Cat’s Dirty Paws Anymore! Read The Guide To 5 Best Cat Litter Mat


Do you own a cat that litters around and you aren’t finding a relevant solution to it? It is very important to own a cat litter mat so that there are no more cat’s dirty paws everywhere around. To select the best cat litter mat is a tough task as one has to choose such a mat that it not only keeps the litter area dirt free for a longer span of time but also reduces the vacuuming and sweeping around the litter area.

Apart from these, the litter mat also is a part of the decor of the house, and so one has to choose a mat that has the perfect texture, color, and shape.

Top 5 Best Cat Litter Mat 2018 In Market

What is a Litter Mat? How are They Useful for pets?

A litter mat is a usual mat that helps to hold the litter of the pets for a long period. Some of the benefits of using a little litter mat for pets are as follow:

  • To catch the excess litter: When the cat walks on the mat, the mat catches all the excess amount of litter from its paws and holds it for a long duration. In this way the repetitive need of cleaning the litter area reduces.
  • To contain the litter when the cat jumps: The litter mat is smart enough in structure to spill itself on the floor when the cat is seen jumping out of the litter box.

What Features should You Check before Buying the Best Cat Litter Mat?

To choose the best cat litter mat is quite a difficult task. One has to check various features like the texture, design, size and various other parameters before they buy the mat. Some of the features that one has to check importantly are as follow:

  • Easy to clean: The mat has to be quite light in weight so that one can easily carry it to the sink or the bathroom to clean it.
  • Texture: It is important to know that the mat has to be supple on the cat paws and also on the uncovered feet of humans because if the mat is hard, then there are chances that a cat will refuse walking on it.
  • Water resistant: If the cat has the frequent urge of urinating, then one has to buy a mat that can hold water for a long period.

It is very important for cat owners to own the best cat litter mat to reduce the number of cleaning the litter by the cat’s paws. In the blog below, there is a mention about five best cat litter mats.

1. Smiling Paws Cat Litter Mat

Cat Litter Mat By Smiling Paws Pets, BPA Free, XL Size 35"x23.5”, Non-Slip - Tear & Scratch Proof, Easy to Clean Kitty Litter Catcher with Scatter Control (Extra Large Gray)
  • ✓ HEAVY DUTY: THIS MAT WEIGHTS 3.6 LBS! Compared to other mats we decided to make a high quality catcher that lasts a lifetime. A heavier cat litter mat means it’s less prone to tear & rip PLUS deeper loofah to catch more litter. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!
  • ✓ EFFORTLESS CAT LITTER MAT TO CLEAN & MAINTAIN: Pour the litter back in your litter box, shake it, vacuum it, scrub it, the choice is yours. With this litter catcher mat you don’t need to worry about damaging it, because it wont.
  • ✓ URINE PROOF & SLIP RESISTANT: Got a kitty that tends to make accidents outside the cat litter box? We too. The laminated bottom prevents urine from soaking through to your floors and will keep the mat in a stable place.
  • ✓ ZERO HARMFUL CHEMICALS: We started the trend and with cat and pet friendly materials, and we will lead it too. This cat litter trapper mat is free from BPA and Phthalate.
  • ✓ A 100% COMMITMENT: We don’t compete on price (that’s for others), we provide unparalleled quality and service. It’s simple, if you aren’t 100% happy, you’ll get a full refund.

BPA cat litter mat is one of the cat litter mats when it comes to getting rid of the litter that is present everywhere in the house and making it messy. It shall make you get rid of the hassle of the cat dirt.

Salient Features

Some of the features of this mat are as follow:

  • Smell-free home: The presence of litter in the home everywhere makes it stink and also develops a sense of discomfort in walking. This mat is made from extremely soft plastic fibers and super amazing technology that easily catches litter.
  • Large area: The mat has quite huge dimensions that cover the entire area around the litter box.
  • Best quality: The product owners believe that it is their duty to serve with the best quality product, which makes them produce the product with the help of best materials.


  • Extra large
  • Slip-resistant back
  • Quite heavy
  • Odor free home


  • Not machine washable
  • Hard to clean

2. Easyology Premium Cat Litter Mat

Premium Large Cat Litter Mat 35" x 23", Traps Messes, Easy Clean, Durable, Litter Box Mat with Scatter Control - Soft on Kitty Paws
  • 5 STAR AMAZON REVIEWS (Over 5000): Amazon users have spoken and they LOVE the Easyology Premium Cat Litter Mat. Voted #1 Cat Litter Mat on Amazon by several online magazines. What do they like. Ultra soft comfort for kitty, durability and the elegant but efficient- litter trapping design!
  • PREMIUM AND DURABLE MATERIAL THAT LASTS: Why are we different. Extra thick and extra large PVC material that wont tear like other mats out there. The groves created by our unique patented design trap up to 37% more litter than other mats.
  • EASY TO CLEAN AND MAINTAIN: Ultra-lightweight (2.2 lb) water resistant plastic material is super easy to clean. Simply shake it off, vacuum it or give it a quick rinse to clean it!
  • LOOKS FANTASTIC AND WORKS LIKE A CHARM- Protect your floors from litter scatter in style! The modern, patterned material and chic colors compliment any Home Décor.
  • NOW AVAILABLE IN JUMBO SIZE FOR 2 OR MORE LITTER BOXES ( Search for Jumbo Easyology): 100% Satisfaction Guarantee - If you don’t Save Time & Money by using the Easyology Premium Cat Litter Mat then we will refund your money NO QUESTIONS ASKED. This is our iron-clad commitment to you. Click Add to Cart Now!

The premium cat litter mat is one of the best mats around the whole world. The mat has each and every quality like the durable material, easy to clean surface and much more.

Important Features

Some of the main features of the product are as follow:

  • Durable material: The mat is long lasting as it has a layer of PVC plastic that is also very easy to clean. Also, the plastic is an additional feature because it makes the mat water-resistant.
  • Wonderful door mat: The design, style, and texture of the litter mat are quite good enough to make it work as an excellent doormat.
  • Extra-large: The dimensions of the mat are 35*0.3*23.6 inches that help get most of the litter get covered and also help in getting the best floor protection.
  • Seeping through the floor: The urine of the cat sometimes seep through the floor, which makes the whole home stink badly


  • Super stylish
  • Extra-large: 35in. x 0.3in. x 23.6in.
  • Available in jumbo size
  • Easy to clean
  • Effortless maintenance


  • Hard to clean
  • Available only in dark colors

3. iPrimio Cat Litter Trapper

iPrimio Large Cat Litter Trapper Mat with Exclusive Urine/Waterproof Layer. Larger Holes with Urine Puppy Pad Option for Messy Cats. Soft on Paws and Light (Black Color)
  • Traps litter from cats paws and litter from box. Litter falls through extra large holes (larger than competition).
  • We manufactured into our TRAPPER MAT an EXCLUSIVE PLASTIC FILM. It repels urine - other mats "CLAIM" this, but they DON'T. Patent Pending.
  • Super light. Black Color. For Really Messy Cats be sure to use Puppy Pads as they soak excessive urine - avoid urine around nylon mesh located on perimeter of the mat. This outside nylon border may absorb urine if excessive.
  • Super smooth surface - doesn't bother cat paws like other mats. XL Size 30 Inches Long. 23 Inches Wide
  • EZ Open Edge allows for easy cleaning under sink head, shower head, or shake off. Size is 30 inches by 23 inches. There is NOW a JUMBO VERSION available search JUMBO Cat Litter Trapper and SMALL version.

The iPrimio cat litter trapper is an amazing litter mat for cats not only because it is repellant features, but also it has a plastic layer on it that makes it super easy to clean and maintain.

Major Features

The super amazing features of the mat are as mentioned below:

  • Urine repellant: The mat is the best when it comes to being urine repellent. Also, the mat repels odor that makes the home smell good.
  • Light in weight: The mat is super light in weight, which makes it easy for the owners to carry it anywhere and also to clean it.
  • Smooth surface: This mat is one of the best mats as it has a smooth surface that makes every cat fall for it.
  • Puppy pad option: The puppy pad option helps in soaking of an excessive amount of urine by the cats.
  • Super easy to clean: To clean this wonderful mat, one just has to hose the litter away or rinse away the dirt in a shower.


  • Larger holes to collect litter
  • Layer of plastic film
  • Light in weight
  • Silky surface
  • Open edge for cleaning
  • Repels liquid


  • Hand washes

4. Pet Fusion Smart Grip Cat Litter Mat

PetFusion SmartGrip EXTRA LARGE Cat Litter Mat, Gray, (35 x 24"). [Easy cleaning, Stylish Pattern, Soft on Paws for Finicky Cats] - No Phthalates or VCMs
  • SAFE & COMFY FOR YOUR CAT: (i) PVC material without phthalates and vinyl chloride. (ii) Soft to encourage your cat to relax its paws and release trapped litter (no longer jumping over the mat)
  • GREAT AT TRAPPING LITTER: (i) Litter held in place by small grooves. (ii) Outer channel catches litter that tries to escape
  • GREAT VALUE: (i) 35 x 24 inches. (ii) Simply fold and pour clean litter back into box. (iii) Durable to prevent sliding and flexible to fit in tight spaces, including closets or small bathrooms.
  • YOU CAN TRUST US: (i) Unlike many other mats, WE REFUSE TO BUY 'UNVERIFIED' REVIEWS in exchange for highly discounted or no-cost products. (ii) If your cat scratches softer materials or carpets, we recommend our ToughGrip litter mat made of FDA grade silicone
  • SUPER EASY TO CLEAN w/ FLEXIBLE OPTIONS: (i) Broom, vacuum w/ attachment or hand-held, sponge. Litter remains on surface recesses but unlike other mats, no longer trapped from view or reach (growing mildew). (ii) Material is closed pore to resist moisture absorption

The pet fusion smart grip cat litter mat is among the cat litter mats as it is not only quite safe for the cats but is also highly comfortable. Also, the soft surface of the mat adds a feather to the additional benefits of the mat.

Important Features

The super beneficial features of this mat are as follows:

  • Safety at its best: The mat has a layer of PVC plastic on, but that does not contain either phthalates or vinyl chloride. The mat is the best option for cats when it comes to safety.
  • Soft surface: The mat has a quite soft surface, which makes the cat rest its paws on it and feel comfortable.
  • Catches litter easily: The mat is capable of keeping a hold of litter in small grooves. Also, the outer channel of the mat catches litter, which always tries to make its way away from the mat.
  • Easy to clean: The mat comes with several options to clean it. One can use either vacuum clean it or clean with a broom or even a sponge.


  • Super safe
  • Extra comfortable
  • Soft surface
  • Traps litter easily
  • Simple to clean the dirt
  • Resistant against humidity absorbent


  • Damages easily

5. Cat Litter Mat

Pet Magasin Cat Litter Mat (2-Mat Set) - Soft and Durable Pet Litter Mats for Cats, Dogs, and Puppies - One Big (24.5'' x 16.5'') and One Small (15.5'' x 12.5)
  • CLEAN AND NEAT: Stops cat litter from being tracked and scattered all over your floor. These mats catch the litter from your cat's feet, keeping it on the mat for later cleanup. The beige color hides litter and fits in with any floor color and decor
  • TWO MATS: Package contains two mats -- one large (24.5" x 16.5") and one small (15.5" x 12.5"). Use them together or separately; the cute paw print design of the smaller mat will give your house guests a smile
  • EASY TO CLEAN UP: Accumulated litter vacuums up easily from the mat. Liquid spills can be rinsed off with a spray cleaner and cold water
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL; Not just for litter boxes; put one of these mats under your pet's food and water bowls to catch spills. The rubberized material won't let water soak through and damage floors

This cat litter mat accompanies with a set of two cat litter mats. The set comprises of one large mat and one small mat. One can use both the mats either separately or together as per the need. Also, the mat is one of the finest mats when it comes to the quality of the product.

Major Features

The main features of the product are as below:

  • Catches litter: The mat is quite helpful as it can prevent the litter from scattering it on the floor. Also, the mat easily catches the litter from the cat’s paws easily.
  • Pack of two: This cat litter mat is a blessing for those who have two cats as the package consists of two mats, one small and one large. The mats can be taken in use either individually or together.
  • Easy to clean: The mat is quite easy to clean with the help of a vacuum cleaner.
  • Soft and durable: along with the fact that the mat is quite soft for the cat to be comfortable the mat is also quite durable.


  • Super neat
  • Trouble-free cleaning
  • Double use
  • Durable
  • Soft surface
  • Comfortable


  • Not liquid resistant
  • Hand wash

To get a cat litter mat is the first thing one has to do when buying a cat. To buy the perfect cat litter mat is no easy task as it involves inspection of each and every single detail of the mat. Starting right from the design of the mat to the comfort level of the mat, everything has to be seen while buying the cat litter mat for the cats. Read more regarding cats and cat issues on our blog. Share it if you like what you are reading.

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