Is It Safe To Use Benadryl For Dogs?

Allergies are as common to pets as it is to humans. More importantly, allergies are common problem for dogs. Whenever a dog experiences allergies, it becomes hard for owners to watch them go through their suffering and pain. While many would think that simply patting the dogs back or belly does the trick, because it seems to give a moment of comfort to dogs it actually doesn’t. Fortunately there is a sure way to deal with the problem and it doesn’t involve a simple back rub – its Benadryl for dogs.

Is It Safe To Use Benadryl For Dogs

Yes, you heard it right – Benadryl for dogs! While Benadryl has been a proven antihistamine for humans which is sold over the counter, it can also be used to treat dog’s allergies.

Using Benadryl for dogs

Use of Benadryl to treat dog’s allergies is complete safe because it contains ingredients that relieve allergies. These active ingredients are called diphenhydramine which is safe for pets when ingested.

Its primary purpose is to relieve any symptom of allergic reactions, insect bites, anxiety, motion sickness, and various other pains which dogs may be enduring. It provides immediate solution to pain and relaxes the dog.

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Cat Nutrition 101: Can Cats Drink Tea?

Cat Nutrition 101: Can Cats Drink Tea?

Cats are among the smartest animals in its species. It responds to basic commands which dogs can and sometimes they can even be smarter. Just like any other pet, cats dig in over the food and drink that is presented to them by their owners. While a cat that immediately dips its head over food and drinks given by their owners may look cute, it can actually pose a threat to their health and can slow down their growth if the food or drink is actually harmful to them. While humans immediately detect if a food is harmful, cats can’t. With regards to drinks, many are curious if tea is actually good for cats or not. To help you answer that question, we’ve done our research. Here are the things you need to know when thinking about giving your cat a cup or bowl of tea.

red cat sniffing a mug of black coffee while standing on a table with paper and pen

A bit about tea and cats

So what is the main component of tea? A tea is an aromatic drink or beverage made up of crushed dried leaves with boiling water. The longer the leaves sit in the hot water, the more concentrated it becomes. Tea is among the best antioxidants that help in digestion as well as in clearing the body of substances. Tea also has caffeine which provides many benefits to humans.

The only problem however is that while caffeine may prove to be good to humans, it may not serve the same purpose to animals – especially to cats.

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Cat Food Facts: Can Cats Eat Apples?

We all know that fruits such as bananas and apples are an integral part of the human diet. It nourishes the body of fiber which improves digestion and gives essential vitamins to keep the overall system healthy and working. People love to munch on these fruits because of their natural sweetness and their texture. However, are these foods also good for animals? More importantly, can these fruits be also fed to cats? If you have a pet cat and are wondering if you can feed them with apples then this article is definitely for you.

red tabby cat resting among fresh apples

Cat’s eating habits

What we usually perceive of a cat’s diet is the fish. Also, we usually see them drinking milk, tea and often times cereals. Although these food choices are rich in protein, they do not provide enough fiber which is essential for digestion and other nutrients that are essential to keeping the cat’s body healthy and keep them reach full maturity.

Cats are actually carnivores which means they depend on meat for their diet. They like the taste of protein which is why they also love fish on their diet. Furthermore, they have specific palate that is inclined to the taste of a bit salty and flavorful food. However, this does not mean that cats don’t eat fruits.

Fruits are also included in a cat’s diet. Apples especially can be fed to cats however should be in minimal amounts.

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When do cats stop growing and why?

If you’re looking for a direct answer to when do cats stop growing, then we can provide you with one – once they reach adulthood. But when is adulthood? It’s usually once they reach 1 year old. But why do they stop growing once they reach adulthood? To explain further, check these important details.

young cat with feline grass. Cat Grass for cat health. Pet grass.young cat with feline grass. Cat Grass for cat health. Pet grass.

Things to bear in mind about cat maturity

As mentioned earlier, cats stop growing once they reach adulthood. But why do they stop growing till then? What are the factors involved? To name a few, check out the following:

  • Skin and bones

Upon birth, kittens have rapid growth. You won’t see them as small and cute as they were a month ago. Cat breeds have an amazing growth curve compared to other types of animals. In their first 6 months, you will notice a considerable change in their size, skin and bone structure. You will also notice their increased appetite as they grow which contributes to their fattening and rapid increase in height. Once the maximum potential of their bones are met, they already cease to grow. General breeds of cats have a maturity of 6 to 9 months while others may have a sooner or may also have a later adulthood.

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Best way on How to Tire Out a Puppy

Let’s admit it. No matter how we love our dogs and no matter how we always want to play with them, there will be times when we just don’t have the time and energy to play with them. Unfortunately, when dogs are left to play on their own many catastrophic events happen like broken glass, falling objects, torn garments, scattered food which may not be healthy such as mushrooms, and many others. Dogs are hyper animals and the only way stop them is to play with them or simply wait for them to get tired. While the first option is not possible, the second one is. In this article, we will share with you some effective ways on how you can tire your dogs without having to work yourself out and without having to spend too much.


Ways to tire your dogs

Here are a few of the proven ways on how to exhaust your dog’s energy. While the activities provided here are easy to do and perform, the things you need are also cheap and can be found in any pet store.

  • Puzzle toys

If you are not into walking your dog in the park or playing with them to exhaust their energy then you can simply let them play with puzzle toys. Puzzle toys not only drain their energy but also stimulates their brains. As we already know, dogs are smart which is why they are also called ‘man’s best friend.’ A popular puzzle toy for dogs and puppies is the toy food condenser wherein the dog needs to sniff the right compartment with food. Once the dog pushes the right button, food instantly comes out. This trains the puppy’s sense of smell and instantly rewards the dog of every correct answer.

By using puzzle toys, you get to relax while your dog tires out and develop their thinking capacity.

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