How To Apply For Online Counseling Jobs?

How To Apply For Online Counseling Jobs_

The age of online is taking over almost every job, but worry not, because it will play to be in your favor. If you have had previous experience with therapy or counseling, here is your chance to take your knowledge to another level of application. An online career in psychotherapy will allow you to reach a larger clientele as your services will be available easily for them to get help from; furthermore, browsing online serves to be more fruitful than offline. 

You may have tried to look for jobs online so that you can make others’ lives better, and if you have met a dead end at all times, here is a guide on how you can apply for k jobs – but to reach this conclusion, let us first explore all the steps leading up to the final purpose of your search. 

1. Search with proper wordings: This will disable you from having to go through several branches of counseling that you are not educated in. Whether you specify in positive therapy, sports counseling, marriage counseling, or others of such, it is necessary that you look into these fields only 

2. Get to know the topics that your patient may talk to you about: Counselling will compel you to know about certain mental illnesses, or stressful issues in the life of your patient, some of those may be – anxiety, depression, abuse (of any kind), PTSD, Eating Disorders, wanting to attain happiness, Grief, Marriage, etc.

3. Become licensed: Once you have completed your internship in therapy, it is now time for you to become licensed: this step will allow you to practice your knowledge professionally and legally. You can receive the credentials as a professional in mental health, and get your license. These credentials depend on the specialized therapy you have graduated in; for example, you might get an LMFT (Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist).

4. Make sure you fit the bill: At BetterHelp, to work as a counselor, you need to fit these descriptions:

  • Be located in the United States 
  • To have completed over 2,000 hours of clinical supervision
  • Be licensed by the state board to practice therapy

5. Get to know the types of online counseling jobs you can apply for: If your education covers a large area of expertise, then you can choose the specifics you wish to practice on your patients, some of which can be – School Counsellor, Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counsellor, Mental Health Counsellor, Genetic Counsellor, and many more

After you have made sure to get an understanding of all these points, know where you stand as an educated and licensed counselor, and have decided which therapy you wish to practice online, you may still have some doubts before jumping the gun. Hence, here are the answers to some frequently asked questions;

1. Can I work part-time as an online counselor?

Yes, you can absolutely do that. This allows you to focus on your full-time job, meanwhile getting to know online counseling. Many people do part-time to get adjusted to the workings of online counseling, later getting into it full-time if they are satisfied with it

2. How much can I earn through online counseling? 

It is possible for you to support your family through the earning of online counseling if you work full-time. It depends on the amount of time you commit to your patients and to your job.

3. Why should I choose BetterHelp? 

BetterHelp is the world’s largest online counseling platform, as of now. Several counselors have been allotted jobs through this platform, indulging in texts, video calls, and telephonic conversations, in lieu of which they have been successful in helping thousands of people looking for a way to better their lives. 

How do I apply for online counseling? 

If you have met with all the requirements needed from an online counselor and have understood the workings of this platform – you are ready to start your job! All you have to do is join the network. Your dedication towards wanting to help people will be fruitful and appreciated at BetterHelp.  

Simply go to BetterHelp  and apply to be an online counselor; reaching a large clientele and earning for your expertise. 

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