Top 10 Therapist-Approved Tips for Keeping Good Mental Health!

Top 10 Therapist-Approved Tips for Keeping Good Mental Health!

We are all very sensitive to our physical health. We strive to get well if the physical malady strikes us. This is not the case with mental health. In the first instance, many of us are unaware of mental diseases and specialists that are close at hand to help. Awareness of this issue is gradually increasing. Mental health makes it possible for the person to execute key functions as well as activities. Included in this are: 

  • Capacity to learn and feel
  • Capacity to express and regulate positive as well as negative emotions
  • Capacity to cultivate good social relations

Some of the symptoms of a mental illness are being irritable or sad for a long spell of time, mood swings from high to low, and vice versa, too much fear, anxiety and worry, being unsocial, or altering of eating and sleeping habits. If you, or someone you know is struggling with these, or other mental health issues, BetterHelp can custom-match you to a therapist to get your mental health back on track.

Tips for Mental Health Therapy!

A therapist is the right person to approach for treatment. The therapist will recommend the following approach:

  1. Reflective Meditation: This is done to overcome negative thoughts and proceed on the path of problem-solving and stress release. Earnestly control your thoughts. Stay in the present and avoid dwelling on past or anxieties of the future.  You can do so by remaining in your room or going out in nature at any time, twice a day. 
  2. Exercise Regularly: Physical exercise releases bodily chemicals and can make mental health better. Anxiety, depression, stress is reduced through this method. Sleep comes better, and the individual relaxes with a good mood. Even half an hour is enough to make you feel better.
  3. Eat Healthily: Be a conscious eater and improve your mental health. For instance, caffeinated drinks are better avoided. Vitamin B, Vitamin D3 or omega-3 oil etc are good for health. Consume it through diet. Consult a nutritionist. 
  4. Show Gratitude: Practice gratefulness through appreciation to others, or God gives you pleasure in using privileges, associates, and material possessions. Relationships become more fulfilling with the sense of well-being. Negative thoughts will be at abeyance. You can even jot down your appreciation.
  5. Laughter the Best Medicine: Each bout of laughter releases dopamine chemicals in the brain. It makes us feel happy. Join a laughter club, go to watch a comedy show, etc. for a good laugh.
  6. Sing like a bird: Musical vibration alters the brain in some ways for our benefit. Stress hormones level dip down. You can sing along with the TV, radio, etc.
  7. Meet people: Introverts and socially awkward must intermingle with other humans on a regular basis for their mental health. Even harmless chatting, for instance, talking about the climate, is acceptable and necessary. Loneliness is a disease. It adversely affects mentally and emotionally cutting short life. Help in community work. Asking for help from others is not a sign of weakness. This process heals. 
  8. Challenge yourself: Do not get stagnant in life. Remember, the best is still to come. Set goals and achieve them. Growth happens lifelong. It brings about happiness and satisfaction. Travel write a book once you retire. It will change your life.
  9. Prioritize sleep: Despite a busy schedule, get your seven hours of sleep. In case you are sleep deprived your emotions and psychological problems will erupt in the long run. Depression is likely to happen. The next day you will not feel energetic. Exercise and meditate. Refrain from smoking; make your room noise-free. 
  10. Allot time for yourself: Self-care for physical, emotional, and mental well-being is very important. This way you live a very fulfilling life. Get into a routine where you look after yourself despite a busy schedule. Follow morning, evening and night schedule.

The aim of therapy is to extend tools and strategies to navigate through the course of life in the best befitting manner.

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