Top 5 Must-Have Therapy Tools That Professional Therapists Use!

Top 5 Must-Have Therapy Tools That Professional Therapists Use!

Most people have no information about mental health IT products. Lesser than 1.9 percent of the budget is spent by behavioral health institutions for IT. The lower expenditure arises from the fact that mental health institutions need a separate budget. Then, the new IT tools and systems pose even more expenses!

Yet, you may find several tools that are not too costly. Such tools can improve accuracy and competence for healthcare professionals.

Health Care in IT

In this post, I have listed several free mental health therapy tools that aren’t popular. Such simpler tools help you with the small duties within your organization. 

1. Data pages, template types, and worksheets through Psychology Tools

These are the awesome groups of free systems and template types for mental health professionals. You directly download blank plans such as Belief-based CBT or use thought data, therapy blueprints. Some can also use particular disorder plan systems for PTSD. Similar templates for almost everything is available in this group. Such tools are best for freshest workers in this industry. Professionals looking to find a little more ordered with their actions can also use it.

Each template and worksheet can be downloaded like any free PDF.  Furthermore, you can use it as a free resource on the website.

You can also get Psychology Systems links to related resources from the same page for download. You can find the CCIs templates (Australian) for main issues such as body dysmorphia and social anxiety.

2. ADAA’s free evaluating tool

This online screening system is a product from the Anxiety and Depression Association of America. It helps sufferers to complete the questionnaire. This group uses the usual psychiatric disorder scales. Later you can record and get prints of the result. This tool is the best and easiest way to evaluate your patient. Such tools can handle depression, PTSD and GAD.

3. Therapist Aid

This is the website where mental health counselors can get the worksheet, tool, and handout for mental. It is a work of the counselor specializing in mental health with licenses. It permits you to look for some data according to demographics, topics or disorders, and types like articles or worksheets. You can get topics like self-abuse, depression, anger and CBT. “Eight pages of free worksheets” is a quite resourceful book. They contain a huge group like suicide tests and anger warning signals.

You can access, save pdf and download each worksheet and article for free. 

4. Online tests from Assessment Psychology

This tool has several evaluations for alcoholism, ADHD, and depression. Also, get personality tests, free guides, and mental health state tests.

5. Scheduling tools for a free appointment 

The tools which follow deliver basic functions for free, yet, they offer diverse peripherals. Link it to the Google calendars easily. Fix client meetings easily using this tool. 

  • uses Google Calendars and helps the client to book the appointment. It uses message reminder, auto-email notification, and takes payment. You also get added processes after some extra payment.
  • is different from the above tool since it offers less than 50 scheduled appointments in a month. Yet, it gives SMS and email confirmation and reminders. One also gets a free customized web-page alongside a booking form. Include details about the practice location like Google Maps. Get extra features for a payment.
  • Setmore can use Google Calendars and delivers unlimited appointments. Paid versions offer double-way calendar syncs and SMS appointment reminders.

Use these above tools to complete all the basic work and some additional jobs. All your patients will feel relaxed with your organized approach to mental health treatments.

Even with all these tools, therapists still carry a heavy burden, and are subject to overwhelm and burnout. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, is a great option, with online therapy available to you on your schedule, at your pace.

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