7 Tricks To Keep Your Dog Entertained

Dogs are active animals, and they love having your attention all the time. Yet, all pet owners will agree that it is not an easy task to entertain your dog. Especially when you are away at work or busy attending to other activities.

The modern lifestyle is hectic, and this may reduce the time you have to spend with your dog. You must ensure that they are getting enough exercise and are happy.

Many dogs cope well with not having constant human supervision all the time. Still, it is not a good idea to leave them alone for long intervals. Your dog can develop destructive behavior like chewing on your furniture.

They may even destroy other valuable items such as your shoes and clothes. Boredom is the leading cause of your dog developing destructive tendencies. They need a small amount of exercise in a day to spend excess energy and avoid getting restless.

A dog is the best friend for a human being, and leaving them alone at home can be hard. Luckily, there is a broad range of tech gadgets and pet toys available to pet owners.

With these, you can entertain your dog while you are not at home. Even if you are at home, you will find it useful to understand how you can entertain your dog. This article is a guide for dog owners in getting a hold of the seven tricks to keep your dog entertained.

7 Tricks To Keep Your Dog Entertained 1

Since the dog will need to chew on it for a long time, it will keep them busy for a while and it will also not damage the kong. This also serves in helping the digestion of your dog as it will consume the food in small quantities.

A busy box is another toy in which you allow your dog to peel off the upper layers to get to the treat at the bottom. This toy is great for stimulating your dog and offers an exciting activity for them to do.

2. Get Dental Chews

Chewing is a normal part of the behavior of a dog, and you must allow them to chew to avoid getting them anxious. There are chew toys in a host of colors and shapes.

The durable material does not get damaged even after hours of use. A chew toy will allow your dog to chew something to their heart’s content without damaging any of your property. There are several such award-winning pet products that serve to entertain your dog.

3. Adopting A New Family Member

Having another pet in your family will keep your dog company while you are away. You will need to consider this as adoption can mean more responsibility for you.

A younger sibling will allow your dog to enjoy a lifelong friendship. You need to keep in mind certain things before getting a second dog as a companion to the dog you already own.

You need to ensure that both dogs will have similar energy levels. They must be a good match for your family and your current dog. You also need to train your new dog and make it comfortable with your family.

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Then you can proceed to introduce it to your current dog. Most pet adoption centers will allow you to bring your dog along. You can see if any dog is compatible with your dog before making the decision to adopt.

4. Let Your Dog Watch TV Or Radio

Dogs can watch television and there is even a television channel that airs shows for dogs to watch. Dog TV provides your dog with the necessary mental stimulation.

They also aid in reducing the stress and anxiety of separation. Radio or other sources of classical music are also excellent for calming your dogs. Like Dog TV, there is also a radio channel that streams content only for dogs.

5. Let Your Dog Have A Viewing Window

Providing a window for your dog to watch the outside world is a good form of entertainment. This activity will keep them busy while you are away.

Dogs love to have a spot to look around, and it is even better if the location is higher than the normal ground. This allows them to get familiar with what is going on in the neighborhood. Even a squirrel outside can entertain them for hours.

6. Using Calming Scents

7 Tricks To Keep Your Dog Entertained 2

Preparing your dog bed is beneficial to calm your dog when you are away. You can put a blend of essential oils in the bedding of your dog and this will relax your dog with calming scents.

There are also diffusers, collars, and sprays which infuse dog pheromones within them. The pheromone these gadgets emit is like the scent a mother emits to a newborn puppy. It aids in calming them down and reducing barking tendencies.

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7. Hide Foods Around The House

Dogs love to use their keen sense of smell. Hiding treats around the house for them to find before leaving for work is an excellent idea to keep your dog busy. Interchange the hiding places and the treats so that it does not get repetitive and too easy for your dog to find. This will serve as an exciting puzzle game for your dog to solve.


Most pet parents will have full-time jobs that do not allow pets. Not all the places that you need to visit in a day are conducive to bringing a dog along with you. Your dog can even develop anxiety and mental illness if they are alone for the major part of the day.

Some dogs are happy to sleep through the day when you are absent from the home. Other dogs need an extra stimulus to entertain themselves.

Taking in the trail of destruction is not the best thing to see when you come back home after long hours. Dogs are intelligent animals and can occupy themselves while you are away.

You only need to provide something to stimulate them and keep them busy while you are away. Hiring a dog walker is a good idea to make your dog happy by accompanying them to walk outside. This will also relieve the pent up energy that they have inside them and make them more docile.

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