Dog Nutrition Facts: Can Dogs Eat Mushrooms?

Mushrooms are tasty treats for us humans. It is packed with a good amount of nutrients that keeps the body healthy. However, is it also good for dogs? Prior to feeding any mushroom to your dogs, it is important that you know if it’s safe for them or not. In this article, we will share with you the facts whether mushrooms can be served as food for dogs.

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Are mushrooms safe for dog’s consumption?

As a quick answer to this question, mushrooms indeed can be fed to dogs – however not all kinds of mushrooms are consumable for dogs. There are a number of mushrooms which can be dangerous for dogs. The best kinds of mushrooms for consumption are those that are available in the supermarket or those that are also consumed by humans. Furthermore, the mushrooms that are sold are those that are tested safe and have lesser tendencies to cause health issues. On the other hand, mushrooms that are growing outdoors and in the wild can be toxic and inedible.

Why mushrooms are beneficial to dogs

Again, only certain varieties of mushrooms are safe for dog’s consumption. The best thing about it is that mushrooms actually provide many health benefits for dogs. One benefit for feeding your dogs with mushrooms is that it promotes physical well-being for your pet. It contains essential nutrients which boosts your pet’s immune system. among the nutrients found in mushrooms include B vitamins which promotes cell metabolism. It also contains Vitamin D which regulates the calcium level of the body along with Protein that helps in healing of wounds, scars and even promotes hair growth.

There are many other nutrients found in mushrooms which cannot be found in other food varieties however just like any other food, it should be consumed in moderation. Having too much of these can cause substance imbalance in the system of the dog which can trigger many health issues.

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Recommended dosage of mushrooms for dogs

Only feed your dog with the amount of mushrooms that it can eat and then digest. Just like any food which is consumed in substantial amounts, too much mushroom can also cause indigestion. Instead of serving the mushroom in separate meals, try to serve it as its main meal once a day.

Also, make sure that mushrooms are well-cooked before serving it to your dogs. Mushrooms can have enzymes which may be hard to digest for dogs when raw. Therefore, make sure the mushrooms are cooked in order to make it easier for the pet to consume as well.

Some dogs may also be allergic to mushrooms so it is best to verify first prior to feeding your dog with it. To test if your dog is allergic to that kind of food, serve small portions along with his regular meal. Once you observe that there are no harmful effects to the dog, you can then move on to giving bigger servings until you can give a whole serving.

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Varieties of edible mushrooms for dogs

Like mentioned earlier, there are only certain varieties of mushrooms that are edible for dogs. Among these varieties include the shitake mushroom which is a very popular kind of mushroom not only because of its amazing nutrient content but also because of its taste.

Another mushroom that is good for dog’s diet is the Maitake mushroom. It comes with cancer-fighting properties which also regulates the blood in the system. it is also used in recent times as a medicinal plant to cure many ailments.

Button mushrooms are also good for a dog’s diet plan because it is packed with B vitamins and potassium that promotes bone growth and boosts the immune system.

So far these are the best kinds of mushrooms to serve to dogs however there are also others can be prepared. The important thing to remember when feeding your dogs of mushrooms is that it should be in controlled amounts. Also, it is always best to ask the opinion of a doctor regarding the foods that can be fed to your pet.  While other dogs may love to munch on mushrooms, others may be allergic to them.


As a conclusion, mushrooms can indeed be fed to dogs. They are actually quite beneficial because they are packed with tons of nutrients. However owners should be careful as to what kind of mushroom is being served. Also, mushrooms should be served in moderation. Having too much of it can cause serious health complications and can keep your pet hyper all day.

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